The importance of using an ad blocker

It is fairly common for one click to bring up multiple different websites while online. You go to one page to have three other pages of ads pop up on your screen. Alternatively, you have to maneuver through a website of flashing and blinking ads to find the content you want. It can be frustrating, annoying and ultimately slow down your computer.

However, it isn’t just the annoyance of ads popping up to consider. You want to consider your safety as well. With all that to keep in mind, the use of ad blockers continues to grow for personal and professional computer systems.

Whether you have considered installing an ad blocker or not, here are some reasons why it is essential to have one.

What is an ad blocker?

Ad blockers can be either a program you download or an add-on to the current browser you use. Either way, they provide the same service – to block ads from appearing and compromising your online experience.

There are different ways an ad blocker removes ads from your browser. Some will get rid of cookies and web markers which carry information between website sessions. No matter what the method is, the primary purpose is to stop ads for disrupting your computer.

Enhance your online safety

Digital advertising is a great way to promote a particular service, product or company across a massive space at one time. The downfall, however, you cannot guarantee each ad is genuinely what they claim to be. Now the issues of privacy and safety come into effect.

There has been a rise in something called malvertising – a combination of malware and advertising. Malware (malicious software) is a software developed with the intent of harming and attacking your device and data on it. Malvertising is when the attackers that create the malware buy out popular ad spaces on legitimate websites. What you think is an ad corresponding to a legitimate company is actually a virus waiting to attack your device.

So with your ad blocker software, you are effectively removing and blocking ads that could do major harm to your system and stored data. They don’t remove all ads, but they are the best way to secure your online activity from malvertising.

Stop getting tracked

More and more you will hear consumers complain about websites tracking their movement online. Companies will gather information from the sites you access and use that to target ads. Sometimes it is handy when a product you’ve been searching for appears in a side banner. Other times, though, it is uncomfortable to have ads pop up about something you googled once.

Ad blockers can stop your online footprint from being tracked by ad servers. So while you browse the internet, you won’t have to worry as much about who is watching you and selling your data to third parties.

Enhance your overall online experience

An added benefit of installing an ad blocker is decluttering your browser for a more enjoyable internet experience. Without an ad blocker, your device needs to load not just the page you want to view, but it also has to load all the attached ads. The result is a slower loading process and a frustrated viewer. Since the ad blocker removes the ability of the ads to pop up, your device no longer has to take the time to load them and can focus solely on your requested action.

On top of that, your favorite websites you love to peruse through have a cleaner look to them. No random sounds, pop up ads or anything else unwelcomed. You will instead have a clean white space to make the website more appealing.

If you are concerned about your online safety and frustrated with all the unwanted ads appearing, an ad blocker will be your best option. Remove anything unwanted and protect your data from being sold to third parties with an ad blocker.

This is a guest article by Jordan Choo.

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