The Easiest Way to Switch Between Pages

Building websites involves browsing through SO many different windows…

Think about it. In order to setup even the simplest website, you have to visit several places: the WordPress dashboard, Elementor editor, Elementor settings, the front-end of your site.

The result – dozens of opened tabs and lots of time wasted maneuvering between pages and screens.

Even editing a single page can become a challenge:

Going from the WordPress dashboard – > Elementor editor – > My templates – > Dashboard again – > Menu settings  – > View page, and so on


Thankfully, we came up with an easy and intuitive way to get you from A to B, no matter the A, no matter the B.

Introducing Finder, a handy search window that lets you go from anywhere, to anywhere. Reach any Elementor page or setting page from wherever you like on your site.

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