Stand Out with These Free Resume Templates

Creating the perfect resume isn’t easy, but a great one is all but required to land a job. While your skills and experiences are what really counts, if you fail to exhibit them well, it won’t matter. It’s all in the presentation! And if your experience is lacking in some areas, a well-crafted resume can make a huge difference. So, it’s important to craft a something that will help you nail that dream job.

But it’s not that easy to just make a great resume from scratch. So, we’ve compiled some amazing resume templates – great whether you want to add your own unique touch or use them as-is.

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Tired of resume templates that don’t work in the program you like? Hloom has templates for Word, OpenOffice, Google Docs, Photoshop, Adobe InDesign and LaTex! Whether you like the old-fashioned Microsoft Word or do your resumes in an art program, Hloom has something for you. Each type of resume (simple, modern, portfolio) has its own library, too. There are hundreds of templates to try, so start browsing!


There are all sorts of Word resumes available on this website. There are resumes with stylish dark themes, bold colors, room for a portrait, icons, interesting layouts and more! And of course, you have your typical basic resume with just enough design flair to make it interesting to look at. Hand in one of these resumes if you want to stand out from the crowd, even if subtly!

26+ Best Resume Formats

Here’s a sweet list of unique resumes that can suit just about any situation. They’re in all sorts of formats including Adobe InDesign, PDF, Doc and more! Teachers, engineers, students and anyone can find a template they love in this list.

Resume Genius Templates

These simple but effective templates really pack a punch. Each one follows this core principle: A resume’s job is to convey information efficiently. A few colors, easy-to-read sections, and perfectly formatted text makes for elegant resumes. There are even Mac OS X optimized versions in each bundle! In short, these templates get the job done (and get you the job).

Canva Templates

Canva has thousands of templates for just about anything, and job resumes are no exception. Just use Canva’s extensive online editor to easily replace text and add sections. Then, export to PNG, JPG or PDF for printing. These resume templates are creative, colorful, and beautiful – sure to catch anyone’s eye.

Office Templates

Where better to get your templates than from Microsoft itself? These resumes are simple and functional – they do exactly what they need to do, many of them with little fanfare. If you don’t want your information hidden by unnecessary design, or just don’t want to wrangle with third-party templates, use one of these.

Super Resume

There’s no wasting time here. Pick from twelve clean resumes, hand-crafted from professional resume screeners. Fill out the template online, do some simple formatting and download it in PDF, Word Doc or even HTML format. And you’re finished! No premium nags or online editors with hundreds of confusing buttons. Just fill out each section and download.


Behance is an Adobe-run website that offers a variety of user-made graphics – including resumes. Because the website’s content is entirely controlled by users, what you’ll find (as well as its quality) is highly variable. What’s for certain is that there are a lot of resumes to find – more than any other kind of website could possibly offer. Somewhere in there is your dream resume!

Get That Job!

A good resume greatly improves your chances of getting a job, so make sure you pick one that suits you! Use them as they are or build on them to create something that represents you. Either way, your shot at getting a job interview is much higher with a well-crafted resume.

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