MapsMarker WordPress plugin review

Nowadays, maps and markers are on almost any website. They are, indeed, a very practical way to display addresses, itineraries or places of interest within an area. Today, let’s take a look at what could be the most powerful and complete plugin for pinning, organizing, and sharing your favorite places on your WordPress site: MapsMarker Pro.

What is MapsMarker?

Created by Robert Harm in Austria, MapsMarker Pro is a WordPress plugin that allows you to pin, organize, and share places on your WordPress blog or website.

Made as an alternative to gigantic, proprietary mapping companies with questionable privacy policies, MapsMarker Pro integrates with Google Maps, Google Earth, OpenStreetMap, Bing Map, and more; allowing you to then pin locations, display itineraries, or showcase nearby places of interest.


In 2019, it’s pretty rare to find a serious website that doesn’t display at least one map. Most sites, such as Netzen, are using maps to display their offices’ locations.

But there’s much more you can do with MapsMarker Pro.

Key features

MapsMarker Pro is loaded with useful features that will allow you to do more or less anything as long as you have a need to display maps and markers or share places on your site. Here is a quick list of my favorite features of the plugin.

You can view the full feature list on this page.


As you probably already know, nowadays the majority of your site traffic is coming from handheld devices as such as smartphones or tablets. Therefore, it is a must in terms of ease of use and SEO that your website loads quickly and is easy to use on a smaller device.

MapsMarker Pro is definitely taking responsiveness into account. Maps created with the plugin are fast and easy to use on any mobile device – which is certainly a good thing as visitors like to check maps to discover interesting places around them. And as we have mentioned SEO, MapsMarker Pro is SEO-optimized.

Integrates with Google Maps, Google Earth, OpenStreetMap, etc.

Another feature I’m a big fan of is how well MapsMarker Pro integrates with the most popular maps. You can use Google Maps as it is by far the most common map type, but you can painlessly use many other maps such as OpenStreetMap or Bing Map. It’s up to you!

Translated to 46 languages

Thanks to over 100 contributors from all around the world, MapsMarker Pro is available in 46 languages. While I haven’t checked the quality of the available translations as I primarily use English online, this is clearly a great feature as maps are chiefly designed for a particular place, where people don’t necessarily use English.

No need for API keys

If you have already worked with Google Maps or a similar map service, you know the need for API keys. While obtaining and using API keys is generally a painless process, the fact that MapsMarker Pro doesn’t require additional API keys with included keyless geocoding providers Algolia Places and Photon@Mapsmarker which is good news as it will make you save time and effort.

Probably the most complete plugin of its kind

While there are quite many options for creating maps and markers, MapsMarker Pro is probably the most complete solution. If your site is running on WordPress, using the plugin will save you a lot of time and hassle as compared to setting up a more generic solution.

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Bing Map


So, what to think about MapsMarker Pro? Its strong point is definitely the number of useful features that allow you to do basically anything you can think of, as long as it’s based on maps and markers, from simply displaying a map of your company office’s area to complex maps with filtered markers.

As for the weak point, I’d say the overall design could be improved. This, of course, doesn’t change anything to the functionality of the plugin, but a little eye candy never hurts.

In conclusion, I can affirm that MapsMarker Pro is a safe choice for any website owner looking for a map/marker solution that works out of the box and provides all the options you might need.

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