Introducing Elementor Blocks for Gutenberg

Since many of our users are anxious and confused concerning Gutenberg, this is a good opportunity to discuss Gutenberg, Elementor, and how we see the future and co-existence of each editor.

In the future, will Gutenberg replace Elementor?

The answer is simple – absolutely not!

At Elementor, it has been our ongoing mission to provide the fastest, easiest and most useful way to build and design websites. This is what has driven us since Elementor first launched, over two and a half years ago, and will continue to guide us in the future.

Fortunately, a huge following of people share our vision, and have helped make our vision come true.

Elementor was launched in a saturated market, with many page builder and website builder alternatives. We managed to become the leaders of our market by offering the best solution, and we plan to continue to lead the way.

We will continue in our mission in full collaboration with WordPress.

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