Introducing Custom Fields Integration: ACF, Toolset & Pods

Dynamic Content eliminates the need to translate custom fields, as well as other WordPress data, to code. Don’t struggle with code, instead focus on your design.

With the Custom Fields Integration, you’ll be able to:

Create advanced websites faster than ever before. Add and customize your site’s featured image, site logo, post title, and post content. Each content entry in your database is now available in our drag & drop editor, ready to be styled with the same ease that you’re used to in Elementor.

Integrate with ACF, Toolset, Pods and other Custom Field plugins with ease. After creating the custom post types and custom fields using CPT plugins, Elementor automatically integrates with all custom fields and taxonomies, letting you style them however you like.

Visually design dynamic post templates. This feature is a huge upgrade for designers, who can now use an all-in-one solution to manage content-rich websites visually.

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