How To Translate WordPress Into Multiple Languages

You never know who you might be designing for, and at some point you or a client will need a WordPress website translated. But how do you translate WordPress? It doesn’t have to be complicated. There are tons of great WordPress plugins that you can use to make the translation process easier. But no matter which one you choose, each of the following plugins will help your get your translations finished in a jiffy. No coding required. Now let’s go translate WordPress!

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TranslatePress Multilingual WordPress Plugin

TranslatePress Multilingual WordPress Plugin

The TranslatePress free multilingual translation plugin is an excellent option to make your WordPress site multilingual. After installing the plugin you should see a new Settings tab for TranslatePress. From here you can set a default language as well as format additional translations. This is also where you can access the optional Google Translate feature, which will create an automatic translation for your site in a given language.

For manual translations, this free WordPress plugin includes an easy and intuitive translation interface. Simply click on the “Translate Page” option in the admin bar when logged in and browsing your site. If you’re familiar with the WordPress customizer, it should be easy for you to get started with TranslatePress’ editor. Simply point and click to begin translating various sections on your page. Then use the provided text boxes to create your multilingual translations (note: the available language boxes are determined by the languages you define in the TranslatePress settings).

For more features, upgrade to a TranslatePress Personal, Business or Developer plan. This adds powerful features for additional languages, SEO translations (page tile, meta description, URL, image alt, etc), custom translator user role permission, ability to preview translated pages as any user role, custom language based site navigation and automated user language detection. If you’re running a simple blog, the free version should be just fine. However, for businesses and bloggers with a focus on SEO upgrading to premium is your best bet.

Weglot Translate Free WordPress Plugin

Translate WordPress with Weglot

The next plugin you should have a look at is Weglot Translate – a free plugin to translate WordPress on any website. The plugin is completely free for small websites with a single translation, but can be easily upgraded to unlock full translation capabilities.

If you upgrade to Weglot premium it’s compatible with most popular themes and plugins, includes 60+ built-in translation languages, features a customizable language switch button and much more. The plugin even gives you easy access to recommended professional translators who are available for hire (a very valuable investment if you ask us).

The best part of Weglot is the ease of use. You literally install the plugin, configure a handful of settings (original language and destination languages being the most important) and the plugin does the translating for you. If you encounter any translations that don’t quite work for your website use the quick link in the plugin dashboard to edit your translation. This takes you to your Weglot account where you can enter the “in context editor” to make live edits to your website. It’s super easy to use to translate WordPress – just give it a try!

qTranslate Free WordPress Plugin

qTranslate is a free translation plugin from the WordPress plugin repository. With nearly 1.2 million downloads it’s a popular and free option for translating your website. Just install it and get to work creating your translations. The plugin will add multiple tabs to each post or page that you create based on which languages you’ve selected. This makes manual translations much faster since you can quickly navigate between tabs as you add your different content translations.

qTranslate does include multiple languages for automated translations. However this service will only provide readers with a general idea of your content since it will be a bit choppy (it translates what you write literally so it won’t read naturally to native speakers of the given language you’re translating to). But if you want to translate WordPress with a free plugin qTranslate certainly gets the job done well. The plugin also includes a custom qTranslate widget that you can add to your site for users to easily switch between languages. Your can learn more and download the plugin on the WordPress repository.

Polylang Free WordPress Plugin

Polylang is a great option when manually translating your WordPress site into more than one language. This free WordPress plugin includes support for over 50 languages. It’s very likely that the language you need is included as a default. However, there is support for custom languages if you don’t find yours. Polylang works by allowing you to set a language for each post or page as your add them. This takes the hard part out of trying to keep your translated posts separated.

A great feature of this free plugin is that on install it gives you the option to automatically set all your content to a default language. This means you don’t have to go back through old posts to set the language page by page. It also supports an option to detect a user’s browser language and automatically use that language to translate WordPress pages on your site (if it’s a translation you have available).

Multilingual Press Free WordPress Plugin

Multilingual Press works with your WordPress multisite installation to link your website translations (one language per site). The plugin comes with 174 languages built into the language manager, and it supports and unlimited number of websites – so you can create and link as many translations as you need. This is great for SEO since it keep your languages on separate posts and pages, and if you ever decide to use a different translation plugin your content remains in tact (even after deactivating or deleting Multilingual Press). Plus you can add the translations widget to any widget ready areas so your readers can quickly navigate between translations.

Multilingual Press is a great free option for adding translations to your WordPress website via multisite. Plus if you ever find that you need more options your can always upgrade to their Pro version for $75. This includes support for custom post types, automatic language redirects, quick-links and more making it easier to translate WordPress posts, pages and even WooCommerce products. Premium Translation Plugin for WordPress is one of the premier WordPress translation plugins. Take a look at the top selling WordPress themes and developers around the web. You’ll notice that most of them make a point of creating themes compatible with specifically. Why? Because is a powerful translation WordPress plugin with 40 built-in languages, options for custom language variants, compatibility with single or multi-site installations and great support. With the quick setup wizard you can start translate WordPress sites in just minutes. Just use one of the included languages, with no coding required on your part. And once you’ve completed a translation, simply add a dropdown for your language selections to your website navigation menu.

Prices start at $29 and go up from there depending on your translation needs. While there are free translation plugins available, is a quality product with decent support. Plus you’ll never have to worry if the plugin works with the latest version of your theme or WordPress. They’re constantly updating to ensure their plugin works for your and your readers.

How Do You Translate WordPress?

Translations are often a time consuming process. Hopefully with these helpful plugins you’ll be able to translate WordPress without much of a headache. Let us know if you’ve ever used any of the above translation plugins and what you think of them. Or if you’ve tried another plugin to translate WordPress that was just awesome let us know. Leave a comment with the plugin name in the section below. I’d love to hear from you!

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