How to make your website stand out and attract more visitors

Getting a great SEO agency on the page is not enough to put your website on the map. You have to do more on your part. This is mostly the case when it comes to building the foundation of your page. You have to involve all the experts in it for it to work. First, you need to know the areas to work on before you kick things off. There are many ways through which you can make your site stand out. Few of those include:

Increase the speed with which a page loads

The modern generation which is tech savvy is impatient when it comes to browsing. Speed is thus key when developing a website. Ensure that you maintain high speeds when it comes to loading a page. A visitor will not wait for one minute for a page to load. If this happens, you will have lost some of the visitors who would have become loyal customers. To avoid this, ensure that you develop a website that loads pages with speed. Consult a reputable SEO agency on how to make your content readable and attractive to readers before you post it. Include simple but eye-catching titles and use subheadings.

Have the navigation links easy to find

The navigation links help visitors to go where they want to go. If they are easy to find visitors can explore your site without much hustle. For example, the log of your website should be linked to the homepage such that it will be easy to go back to where you started. This also helps with improving SEO for your site. Look for a reliable web designer to work with an SEO agency on where and how to include the navigation keys.

Develop a simple layout for your page

Your page has to give a good first-time impression. It will only take a visitor about 2 minutes to decide whether they want to continue seeing what’s new on your site or not. In that case, the first impression has to be in such a way that it welcomes them to read and explore more. Make the pages or the services you provide easily accessible and visible. A visitor should not have to spend 5 minutes searching for a service you offer. You can even include a live chat feature which welcomes visitors and asks them if they need help finding something.

Write and post helpful and interesting content

Going bulk on content is no longer the IT factor. You need to write content that is helpful to your readers. Have a set of topics which will go live on your website on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. This is how you get loyal readers flocking your website in large numbers. As an online business, you will need to strategize on how you will come up with content that your visitors want to read. From there, you can hire an SEO agency to help you rank your articles at the top on search engines using the modern SEO tools online.

This is a guest post by Jeniffer Page.

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