How to Customize Your WooCommerce Product Page

To complete the task, design a catalog page of products that will affect all the products on the site or by a category. So first, go back to Elementor > My Templates, and create a product archive templates.

Then, select and existing template, or create one.

Add the Archive Products widget and the Archive Title, and customize their design.

In order to adapt it to the design you already did on your single product template, use the copy style functionality that works between pages. Go back to the product page, and right-click Copy. Back in the archive product, right-click Paste Style.

In the Archive Products settings, Under Query > Sources, choose Latest Products. Then under Product Category, choose rings. This way, only the ring category will appear.

Slide on Pagination if you have a long list of products for the category.

In the style tab, you can design the distance between the columns and the rows. Adjust the colors, fonts and more.

Before publishing, choose the conditions to determine where the archive will appear, same as you did for the single product template.

Hit publish, and your archive page is live.

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