How to Create a Website With WordPress and Elementor

Once you’ve customized the colors and fonts on your site, it’s time to replace the stock images with your own. To do this, click on a section that you want to work with. In this case, I want to change the image in the Featured Menus section. I clicked on the Kiwi Bliss column and then go to the Style tab.

First, you’ll need to delete the existing image by clicking Delete and then click the + sign to upload your own image. Once the Media Library loads, click on Upload files and then click the Select files button.

You’ll then select the image you want and click the Insert media button. If you’re working with background images like in the example above, you can also change their position and control their size. You also have the option to change the background overlay or remove it completely as well as set the colors for image text.

If you’re working with regular images instead of background images, you’ll have slightly less options. For example, to change and customize the images in the Meal Pricing section of the homepage, you’ll follow the same steps of deleting the existing image and then uploading your own. You can then change the image opacity and add various CSS filters such as Blur, Brightness, and more.

You can apply different styles for the image hover state and those styles will be visible once a visitor hovers over the image with their mouse.

To customize the rest of the images on your site, simply repeat the steps above and then click Publish to save them.

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