How to Create a Movie Review Website With the ACF Plugin & Elementor

When building rich-content sites, a movie review site for example, many users opt to use a pre-made theme already containing the relevant layout & demo content.

The problem with such an approach is that pre-made themes restrict you to a certain limited design. Instead, we will show you how to use Elementor’s integration with Advanced Custom Fields to create a custom-made movie review site.

The website will feature the archive template, containing a beautiful full-width grid of movies, each with an image and title that is pulled dynamically from our custom post type content.

You will combine the ACF and CPT UI plugins to create a custom post type with relevant custom fields. This content will be displayed using Elementor’s single and archive templates.

For each movie post, you will include the movie title and trailer, followed by the plot and the IMDB rating. Below that, you will set a quote about the movie followed by the written review. Next, you will have a box with the movie image and some general information about the movie like the country, genres, and writers. On the right column, you will have a sidebar showing our latest movies.

Let’s jump into WordPress and build that.

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