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A hundred percent. So when we run our webinar for example, or webinar needs to get uploaded to our members website, and so there’s a process that needs to happen there, that we need to download the video from Vimeo, we need to share it the members website, we need to make sure the privacy settings are right on Vimeo, we then need to put an email out to our members, letting them know the recording’s been updated, so there are a few moving parts. It’s probably, a half-hour, 45-minute job. I apologize if one of our team is watching this and it takes a lot longer than that, but I’m making an assumption it’s about a half hour or 45-minute job. And that process has to be written up because there are a few moving parts in that process. The best person to write the process is the person who does it most of the time, which in our case would be Michelle or Charmine who work in our office in Manila in the Philippines. So they are writing the processes.

Now, here’s the thing that we’ve learned, and a lot of this comes from a guy by the name of Sam Carpenter, wrote a fantastic book called Work the System, and I strongly recommend it, and we actually hired his business partner Josh to come into our company to coach us through this process. It was an expensive exercise, but it was definitely worth the investment. Basically, the process gets written from the bottom-up so whoever’s doing the process writes … whoever’s doing the job on a weekly, daily, monthly basis, they’re the ones that write the documentation. They submit it up to their supervisor who looks at it, reviews is, and goes, “Yep, okay, this is cool.” Once it’s approved, then it goes into the official document library of the company. And the idea of those processes is that someone who knows how to use the computer and knows their way around the internet, but doesn’t really know your business, can probably come in off the street, follow that process, and with a couple of practice runs, then they can follow the processes. If it’s so technical that you need a degree to follow the process, then the process is not simple enough. You need to make it so that Johnny off the street can come in and basically follow it after a couple of training sessions.

The other thing I want to say about hiring is, you need to empower people to make decisions. And this is probably the biggest insight that I can give in terms of building a team. You need to empower people to make decisions and know that if they make the wrong decision, that you’ve got their back, and that you will support them, and that you will coach them through it, and you will help them get up and dust off their wings and get back out there. And the best way I know how to do that, and it’s a process that we’ve gone through over the last two years, is really defining the vision of our company, and the values by which we operate.

So our number one value here at WP Elevation is to help people and have fun. When we need to make a decision because someone sends in a support ticket, or someone’s got a problem with the Video User Manuals plugin, if we know that potentially a bunch of their client websites has been impacted by one of our plugins, we don’t even have a rule, we just know you drop everything and get in there and fix that website for that customer because rule number one is helping people and have fun, and there’s nothing fun and nothing helpful about my website being down because your plugin’s broken, so I can’t wait three days for an answer. So you use the values to empower your team to make decisions and make your valuables very visible and very clear across the company, and then let your team know you’ll never get penalized for making the wrong decision, but you will get penalized for not making a decision and coming to me with a million questions every day, because there’s only one of me, I can’t answer that many questions a day. You’ve got to actually step up, make your own decisions, and know that if it’s the wrong decision, it’s okay, I’ve got you, I’ll get you through it. I’ll take the blame and we’ll sort it out.

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