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The Countdown widget is a long-standing widget that was created to increase urgency when promoting sales, events or other time-limited offers. Our own team uses it during our seasonal sales.

Making the countdown timer evergreen means all visitors get the same time frame, regardless of when they enter the page.

Let’s say you want to promote your new online course. You send an email to your subscribers, telling them about your offer. Naturally, you want each visitor, no matter when they visit your site, to always see the same time limit of two hours, even if they open it a month after you send the email.

User A visits the page today, she sees a countdown of 2 hours.
User B visits two weeks later, he still sees a countdown of 2 hours.

Here’s the great part –

Once the visitor lands on the page with the countdown, a cookie is set in her browser. The next time the same visitor lands on the page, the timer will continue from the time the visitor first landed on the page.

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