Elementor v2.4: Responsive Background Image, Custom Settings & More

Here at Elementor, we care about offering our users a bug-free and flowing experience.

There are tens of thousands of plugins and themes, with millions of combinations for setting them up to work together. These combinations cause inevitable conflicts, related or unrelated to Elementor.

We continuously try to reduce these issues for our users, to create a better workflow.

A recurring issue occurs when users can’t load the editor.

This issue has been given many names: white screen of death, can’t edit, stuck on loading…

Our solution: meet Safe Mode!

Some of you might remember that Windows used to have a safe mode option that proved helpful in fixing a lot of the errors that occurred in Windows.

We created a similar solution for Elementor.

From now on, if you run into a never-ending loading page, you’ll have a button to switch on ‘Safe Mode’.

Consider ‘Safe Mode’ a safe environment that isolates Elementor and WordPress from the themes and plugins that might be causing the error.

With Safe Mode, over 80% of loading issues will be temporarily solved. 

Safe Mode switched on and everything is loading properly?

This means the cause of the error was probably your theme or one of the plugins. Go ahead and deactivate them one by one to find the guilty party.

Safe Mode switched on and it’s still not loading?

This means you should look elsewhere for the solution, it’s most likely a custom-code or hosting related issue.

Safe Mode turns every Elementor user into a mini Sherlock Holmes.

‘Elementor-y, my dear Watson!’

“Will Turning On Safe Mode Affect My Site?”

Rest assured that safe mode won’t have any effect on your site visitors. They’ll be able to use your site as usual, and your site will display your normal theme design, as well as all the installed plugins.

The only thing that changes is that the Elementor editor loading process is done without any activated Plugins or Themes.

Safe Mode is a huge step forward for Elementor users in terms of getting a far more stable, seamless and error-free user experience.

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