Elementor Talks #20: Selling Marketing Funnels

Mike aspires to get sales training into the hands of every child in every school in the world. When asked why it is so important to him to get them started at such a young age, he answeres: 

“That’s something that only in the last few months I’ve become extremely passionate and clear about. I’m part of a couple of networks, one of which was with a guy called Daniel Priestly, and they’ve helped you work that out.

The reason why is mainly around confidence. Confident businesses and confident people don’t take risks. The reality is if a business knows that they can make sales, even if they’ve got no customers and there’s nothing on the horizon, and for whatever reason, all of their customers are falling off a cliff. Every business faces that some point, they’re just … their customers and their influence and their leads. Everything just disappears. It happens. But if people have got the confidence to know, ‘I can make a sale’, ‘I know how to generate money and income.’ That creates confidence in myself and it creates security.

If I’m confident and secure, I’m less likely to make stupid decisions and take stupid risks. The reason that people are conned into … well, by con artists into giving them money is because they looking for getting rich quick schemes.

The reason that people, that kids, especially in many places around the world, get into things like selling drugs, is because they believe that that is the only thing that they can sell. Selling is not about making money and it’s not about closing the deal on a customer generating revenue. It’s about serving an audience.

If you learn how to serve an audience and make a really good argument and you understand how to make a good argument, you’re less likely to be stressed. You’re more confident. You know that you can get what you need and everyone is a salesman. We all like to kind of say, ‘Oh, I don’t like sales. I don’t like a secondhand car salesman. Sales is beneath me.’

Every single human being in the world at some point has to prove their point, prove that they’re worth something and prove their argument if they want something done. And if we understand how to sell at a young age and tell those stories, we become more confident people and I think we can kind of begin working on areas that really matter as opposed to some of the stuff that I believe is kind of wasted taught in school.

So that’s why I believe it’s important to teach it earlier on and younger.”

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