Elementor Talks #19: Creating Content Unicorns

In one of Larry’s videos, he mentions that he writes about a variety of topics and that’s actually something that is based on statistics that he gets from his campaigns:

“So, a lot of times, when you’re marketing, you’re working in a niche like I used to sell AdWords software. Now I’m selling Facebook Messenger chatbot software. There’s just not a lot of … It’s not like blogging about health or sports. It’s just a very niche topic.

So, one of the problems here is that if you’re only blogging in your niche, it really limits the size and scope of the audience that you attract. You see what I’m saying? So, it’s really important from time to time, not 100% of the time but could you dedicate 20 or 30% of your content creation efforts to creating content that’s outside of that niche to cast a wider net so that you could get the attention of people who aren’t just the same old people who are, I don’t know, WordPress fanatics or something like this, you know?

Can we cast a wider net? So, the question is can we be strategic about what other topics that we pick? You absolutely can. There’s so many different tools to do audience analytics.

So, what you could do is you could create an audience of your customers and analyze that data through Google Analytics. You could kind of look at their demographics and interests and behaviors and try to figure out what are the other things other than Messenger marketing or WordPress, what are the other things that they’re interested that are bigger than just the niche?

So, for me personally, there’s a lot of interest amongst my audience in topics like entrepreneurship and start-ups. So, I got this information from … You can do the same analysis in Twitter. You can analyze using Twitter analytics. You can analyze the interests and behaviors and demographics of your following. Then, you can do the same and also in Facebook Analytics.

So, basically what you’re trying to do is create content on a subject that you can credibly speak to. I don’t know. They might have interest in yoga but I just can’t be authentic talking about yoga because I know nothing about it. So what you’re trying to do is find a kind of an adjacent topic based on analytics data that is both significantly larger than the niche that you’re in but also something that you can credibly speak to, okay?

You still need to be authentic here. For me, that was entrepreneurship start-ups. It’s such a great topic because I know that the people who will consume this content may also have a good chance of later buying AdWords software or Facebook ads software or Messenger software because my audience analytics has kind of indicated to me that that is a very discriminating trait amongst my best customers.

So, what we’re doing here is we’re actually creating demand higher up in the funnel so that later, when those people, they decide they need to do Messenger marketing or WordPress stuff or AdWords, they might remember kind of me or my businesses from earlier content that they’ve interacted with. That makes them significantly more likely to have a positive bias towards choosing my products and solutions instead of to some other random competitor, if that makes sense.”

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