Elementor Talks #13: Different Is Better Than Better

As Brian says, writing is the number one skill by a mile when it comes to marketing and it’s not just for writing content, just in general:

“If you’re a marketer, you’re going to write a lot. Like even this podcast, you wrote the questions right and by large, the quality of this podcast has nothing to do with me. It’s the quality of the questions, right? And you ask good questions so far, so the podcast  helps your listeners, but if you wrote the questions and they weren’t very good or they’re awkward and hard to understand, then the podcast wouldn’t go as well. Or with the video your script that you make in your video. You ultimately write that or an outline and then to write the title. When you wrote me an email to invite me to come on the podcast, or when you write a social media post or when you write to meet someone for coffee. Just writing happens so much. We think, okay, that’s 2018. The world is about video and podcasting and audio and a good chunk of it is, but at the end of the day, it really comes down to writing.

If you’re a good writer, it’s a huge super hack that can help with anything else you do. It almost doesn’t even matter what part of marketing you decide to specialize in, writing will help you.

The second skill you should posses is an eye for design. Of course, it doesn’t mean you should be a designer yourself:

“I’m not, I’m horrible. I can barely draw. It looks like a little kid, but I feel like over the years I’ve developed an eye for design about what just looks aesthetically nice and what doesn’t, especially when it comes to website stuff. So that’s something that I think is important to cultivate. Whether it’s looking at art or reading design books. I actually read a lot about design even though I can’t do it just so I can understand trends, what’s working and some basic stuff like rule of thirds and symmetry and colors and things like that. I feel like that’s going to help you because your website design is such a big part of the impression that people get from your site, like it’s just more than the content more than anything else.”

The third skill is multimedia, i.e. audio and video production:

“They’re a growing part of the Internet and like we said at the end of the day, writing is the structure and the foundation for it, but just being good in audio, being good on video, these things are going to become more and more important as time goes on. So if I was a marketer looking to jump in, I would make sure I was at least competent with audio and competent with video because those skills are going to come up again and again. Just like writing.”

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