Elementor Talks #12: Managing Online Communities

Mor became a moderator fairly early on thanks to her online activity and the support she provided to members of the community.  But what motivated her to join as an admin?

As she says, helping someone from the community feels very fulfilling: “I think if people look at it as how lucky we are that we have the phone-a-friend function every day, all day, all year, where if we have a problem, we can just post. And there will always be someone there to help us. Or the other way around, if we see someone is stuck and we can help them, then how rewarding is that?”

People will never be successful if they don’t help others first. That’s a fact. I think Seth Godin said that if we have the opportunity to stick to people who are good, who are giving, who are open, honest, sharing, and willing to help, why would we go with people who are not? … People will not work with takers. They will work with givers.”

We’re are all a community and there is enough work for everyone. Trust me. And we don’t need to fight over clients. We don’t need to fight over information. If we share with each other, if we help each other, we all grow individually. I think it sounds like a lofty idea, but I think in reality it works, and I can tell you for myself it works. I don’t participate in groups thinking what am I going to get out of it, but that’s a byproduct that people know me and trust me. And I’m so grateful for this opportunity.

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