Best office suites for 2019

Office suites are a collection of productivity softwares usually containing a word processor, spreadsheet and a presentation program. As there are many different office suites available, let’s have a close look at the best option for your business.

Microsoft Office 365 (web, Windows, Mac, Android, iOS)

Generally, you would purchase a boxed duplicate of Office for $100 or more and install it from the CD on your PC. That would give you Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, alongside additional tools like Outlook and Access.

Office 365 changed that all. From $6.99/month, you can get each Office application on all your devices. Or then again you can use the free Office Online versions of those programs from your browser or the nearly full-featured mobile applications so you can complete your cheap essay writing thirst anywhere.

Start writing a Word document on your desktop PC, make some edits on your phone, and then print it out from the program once you get to the workplace. You can collaborate in Office Online, and edit a document along with associates in Word Online or adding remarks to an Excel Online spreadsheet that your collaborators can check later.

Office applications each incorporate a larger number of features than those in most of the suites featured in this roundup, with many years of improvement behind each one. Excel includes an amazing number of functions and data analysis tools, while OneNote is a standout amongst the most innovative note applications with a paper-like design that gives you a chance to compose what you need.

If you intend to work using a PC or a tablet more often and don’t have any desire to work using your browser, Microsoft Office is still likely your best option for most office work. Its applications are some of the best ways to create documents and spreadsheets, with enough collaboration features and new applications to make them work in the modern workplace. Office 365 also incorporates 1TB of capacity in OneDrive so you can back up your documents online.

  • Office 365 tools include: Word processor, spreadsheets, presentations, notes, database developer (on PCs), email, file sync
  • Office 365 Excel spreadsheet functions supported: 465
  • Office 365 price: Free Office Online web applications; $6.99/month Personal plan for individual use; $9.99/month Home for up to 5 PCs or Macs; from $10/month Business plan for organization use per client

Google G Suite (Web, Android, iOS)

Microsoft Office may have been the first and most often the default “office suite” in the enterprise, yet it took Google to take it beyond desktops and into the cloud. G Suite was once named Writely, a basic internet composing application from 2005, which Google obtained and transformed into the foundation of the present best Microsoft Office competitor.

G Suite’s individual applications are modern tools with all that you need to make documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.

What makes G Suite incredible is the way it works for collaboration. You can share your records to anybody — even freely on the web if you like — and let them all jump in and help make a masterpiece. You can live edit with others in the meantime or leave remarks that Google will email for input later. Since it accompanies any Google account, G Suite is for all intents and purposes universally.

It’s getting smarter, as well. The new Explore tool in Google Docs and Sheets can discover bits of information from your data, making outlines from your spreadsheets and finding related documents automatically. It can even work while you sleep. Add a Google Form to your Google Sheets spreadsheet and new answers will appear in your sheet consequently, ready for whenever you sign in.

G Suite is one of the best on the web. It has versatile applications, however with fewer features than the core web applications. You can’t add recommended edits or most formatting to a document on mobile, for instance. Also, G Suite possibly works offline when you use it in Chrome. But if you mainly work from a PC and are online most of the time, G Suite is one of the best options to work on documents online with your team or any individual who has a Gmail account.

  • G Suite tools include: Word processor, spreadsheet, presentations, notes, email, file sync
  • G Suite sheets spreadsheet functions supported: 351
  • G Suite price: free for individual use; from $5/month per client Basic plan for groups

Apple iWork (web, Mac, iOS)

Need to make catchy documents, spreadsheets, and presentations? Apple iWork applications (Pages, Keynote, and Numbers) are the easiest way to create them, and they’re free with Macs and iOS devices. You’ll either discover them preloaded on your new devices or in the App Store as a free download.

Each includes various formats and templates to help you instantly make the files you want in a simple interface that conceals the most part of its tools until the point when you require them. You can begin with a template, pull in your very own pictures and illustrations, and wind up with a print-quality file in minutes. Or then again, transform your file into a book, as Pages give you a chance to export any document as an ePub book that is immaculate to distribute to an eBook store.

Numbers is an amazing spreadsheet application, acting more like a document than the common matrix filled sheet you’ll discover in Excel or Google Sheets. Do the math you require, include content and graphs around it in the blank document to create a full report around your core table.

Keynote, also, is amazing for something other than your standard slideshow. Its animations are so fluid that it can be used as a tool for prototyping new applications and making short animated videos. Or on the other hand, you can use it to make your next meeting more interesting: With the new Keynote Live, you can stream your presentation online directly from the application.

iWork is best in its local applications on Mac and iOS, however, you can also use it online from This is an amazing way to impart your documents to colleagues who don’t use iWork or to quickly tweak a presentation from a work PC when you forget your laptop.

  • Apple iWork tools include: Word processor, spreadsheet, presentations (notes, mail, and calendar applications also included with iOS and macOS)
  • Apple Numbers spreadsheet functions supported: 266
  • Apple iWork price: Free for Mac and iOS; free web application with an iCloud account, which comes free with any Apple gadget

Zoho Workplace (web, Android, iOS)

Zoho offers a whole bunch of applications, yet everything began with their online word processor, Zoho Writer. New applications joined the group step by step, in the end transforming into Zoho Workplace — a full office suite on the web, with many other Zoho applications that you can add on if necessary.

Writer keeps on being the leading application in the suite, with another design that rethinks how a word processor ought to be designed. It keeps about the majority of its features hidden by default, for a distraction-free interface. Need to change something? Open the left sidebar to discover the wide array of tools sorted out in toolbars. Acquire Microsoft Office documents, and Zoho completes an amazing activity at retaining the most of the original formatting.

For anything else you have to do, there’s a Zoho application to take care of it. Its presentations and spreadsheet applications pursue a progressively conventional style, with menus and toolbars blended so you can work in the way you want. Each application includes a Zoho chatbox where you can chat with your collaborators and keep the discussion going on regardless of which Zoho application you’re using.

  • Zoho Workplace tools included: Word processor, spreadsheets, presentations, email, group visit, document match up, sites (with 25+ other Zoho applications accessible)
  • Zoho Sheet spreadsheet functions supported: 362
  • Zoho Workplace price: Free for 25 clients with 5GB capacity; $3/month per client Standard arrangement for unlimited users and 30GB storage

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