Best Appointment Booking WordPress Plugins for Scheduling & Reservations

If your business relies on appointments, you have a WordPress site and you haven’t installed a booking plugin yet, you need to get on that. Specifically one of these appointment booking WordPress plugins.

There’s no reason for so many businesses to still force their customers to call them on the phone, contact them by email and wait for a response, or worst of all, physically come into their offices to schedule an appointment. Implementing an easy-to-use booking plugin can lead to increased sales from people who work during most of your hours, or who don’t feel like going through hold times and waiting for a receptionist to book via phone. And it can lead to more appointments being made on impulse, especially since you can hit them with the option to book immediately after your web copy has (hopefully) done its job.

Thankfully, WordPress offers a ton of options for completing this task.

We’ve covered booking plugins before, but only as they relate to the hotels niche. Today, we’re covering 10+ more, and expanding our view to include appointment booking WordPress plugins intended for scheduling just about anything!

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1. Bookly Appointment Booking and Scheduling WordPress Plugin

Bookly Appointment Booking and Scheduling WordPress Plugin

If you’ve been looking at powerful appointment booking WordPress plugins then you’ve probably come across Bookly before. This popular online booking plugin is optimized to help you book more appointments no matter when or how your customers access your site.

Bookly is mobile and translation ready, so your forms look great in any language on any device. Plus, built-in support for email and SMS notifications plus Google Calendar integration ensure your customers never miss an appointment. Want to charge at the time of booking? No problem – Bookly’s payment portal integrations including PayPal, Stripe,, Mollie, Payson, PayU Latam, 2checkout, PayUbiz and WooCommerce. Other features include color scheme options, flex scheduling, holidays, booking process steps, 50+ currencies and more.

Want to give Bookly a try before you buy? Get the free Bookly plugin on to see just how awesome appointment booking can be.

2. Amelia Enterprise-Level Appointment Booking WordPress Plugin

Amelia Enterprise-Level Appointment Booking WordPress Plugin

Amelia is one of the most powerful appointment booking plugins you can choose for your business. This automated booking solution keeps working 24/7 so you never miss a new customer. Just install, configure your settings and you’re ready to rock-n-roll!

The plugin includes easy to use features to build your own appointment booking forms. Powerful options include support for multiple employees (along with the ability to add specific services, regular hours and time off for each), local currency, service extras, email notifications, image galleries, coupons, plus color/font options for the front-end design.

With your form ready, customers are able to use the interactive appointments calendar (monthly, weekly, daily as well as list/timeline views) and unique step-by-step booking wizard with faceted filtering to find an appointment time for a specific service with a specific staff member (or even at an exact location). When it’s time to pay, customer’s can use Amelia built-in payment gateways to to reserve their time or opt for an on-site payment.

Amelia even includes a useful shortcode to create a services page. Simple paste the shortcode on a new page any to display your current services with the parameters to specific one service, a whole category or all categories).

3. Appointment Booking Calendar Free WordPress Plugin

Appointment Booking Calendar Free WordPress Plugin

If you have simpler appointment booking needs (perhaps needs that aren’t worth paying money to fulfill) then the free Appointment Booking Calendar could be your best bet. It offers greater functionality than many free versions of comparable plugins. Features that come with this plugin include bookable time slots, email notifications, the ability to export to Google Drive, printable booking lists, customization of availability and the number of times a user can book, captchas and more.

However, in order to access many of the best features, you need to shell out for the premium version. For instance, if you charge your customers to make an appointment, this plugin isn’t the best idea, as the free version only works with PayPal. To use any other payment gateway, you’re going to have to fork over some cash.

4. Templatic Appointment Booking Premium WordPress Plugin

Templatic Appointment Booking Premium WordPress Plugin

Templatic’s offering to the booking world is a little different than most. It doesn’t just present the user with a calendar; it takes them directly to the form. The calendar comes up when a user clicks on the date section. So, this is more like the kind of setup your customers will be used to if they book a lot of flights or hotel rooms. That familiarity is a strength.

Like most appointment booking WordPress plugins, the Templatic Booking WordPress Plugin will enable advanced booking features inside your theme, which is perfect for rentals. And after you buy the plugin, it takes care of everything for you, with no monthly or other transaction fees. This is also one of the few plugins that will allow your customers to pay with a direct bank transfer. (However, if you’d like to stick with credit cards, you can always activate other gateways, like with any other plugin.)

Other features include a variable booking form, seasonal prices and the ability to offer the customer other services with their booking. And as a side note, the plugin works great with many of Templatic’s WordPress themes – specifically Service Biz which already includes the plugin.

5. Appointments Free WordPress Plugin by WPMUdev

Appointments Free WordPress Plugin by WPMUdev

Appointments is one of the more comprehensive free bookings plugin available for WordPress sites. With the plugin’s feature list, I have no reason to dispute that claim. One unique feature: if you have multiple staff members that handle appointments, you can give each of them their own calendar – with a bio and picture attached – so that customers can pick which of your employees they’d prefer to book with.

It also works in reverse: the client can pick from a list of services your company offers, and if each one is assigned to a different employee, then they’ll automatically book with that employee. Not only that, it features easy integration with Google Calendars – both for you and the customer – with no coding required. And finally, it takes just three clicks for a customer to book an appointment: one to select a time, one to continue to the confirmation screen and one to confirm. That convenience may well be reflected in your sales.

With a list of over 30 other features, including custom color labels, autofill for repeat customers, Google Maps integration and the ability to login through social media, I’m going to have to say this looks like the best appointment-booking plugin out there at the moment. That price can’t be beat, either.

6. Booked Appointment Booking Premium WordPress Plugin

Booked - Appointment Booking Premium WordPress Plugin

Booked is a premium appointments manager with plenty of features and options to build an appointments booking form for your business. Accept guest bookings or require users to register for an account, allow users to manager their pending and approved appointments, add custom fields and time slots, create multiple calendars, accept paid bookings using Booked’s WooCommerce integration and more.

Book is also easy to customize. Choose from unlimited color for select options, a responsive layout, login and register form, customizable emails, etc. Plus the built-in shortcodes make it easy for your to insert calendars and login forms on any post or page. There’s even an “Add to Google Calendar” option you can add to help customers remember their appointments.

7. Easy Appointments Free WordPress Plugin

Easy Appointments Free WordPress Plugin

The Easy Appointments plugin is just that – easy. It’s a quick and simple way to add an appointments system to your WordPress site. The plugin supports multiple services, workers, locations and a flexible time table so you can create an advanced timetable of appointment options.When setting up your Easy Appointments plugin there are also options to enable ad customize email notifications for booking confirmation, appointment status and confirmation/cancel.

When it comes to form styling, Easy Appointments keeps it easy too! Choose a 1-2 column layout, drag & drop form fields (and even create your own), add prices or labels, localize the date picker and more. Plus there’s built-in reporting to help you keep track of form conversions and stats.

8. Appointment Booking and Online Scheduling Free WordPress Plugin

Appointment Booking and Online Scheduling Free WordPress Plugin

The free Appointment Booking & Online Scheduling plugin by vCita is another great options to add an appointments form to your WordPress site. The plugin is perfect for accepting appointments for events, classes, one on one services and more.

While many other plugin offer similar features for online scheduling such as service appointments with specific staff members, confirmations, and payment support what sets this plugin apart is the messaging and callback functionality. The plugin syncs with the vCita Mobile App to notify you instantly about new booking requests, automate reminders and it allows you to send messages and files to your client before you meet.

9. gAppointments Gravity Forms Appointments Premium WordPress Plugin

gAppointments Gravity Forms Appointments Premium WordPress Plugin

So far we’ve covered stand alone appointment booking plugins, but what if you want a more powerful forms system? Like Gravity Forms? That’s where gAppointments comes in. This premium plugin adds appointment booking features to the popular Gravity Forms plugin.

When you combine gAppointments with Gravity Forms you’ll have added support for paid bookings, nearly unlimited payment gateways, multiple bookings per date, service intervals, custom services, recurring appointments, Google & Yahoo calendar links, email notifications, auto confirm/complete appointments and more. This plus easy styling settings, translation options and simple front-end form management makes gAppointments a great choice.

10. Booking Ultra Pro Appointments Calendar Free WordPress Plugin

Booking Ultra Pro Appointments Calendar Free WordPress Plugin

The Booking Ultra Pro plugin offers great features to build a booking calendar and manage your appointments via your WordPress site. Visitors can book an appointment using the easy 4-step booking process to secure a time, then the plugin will add the reservation to your individual staff’s dashboard so they can manage their own upcoming appointments.

Want more features? The free Booking Ultra Pro plugin offers a premium upgrade for mobile payments, group bookings, private notes, Google calendar integration, flex pricing, multiple locations and more

11. WooCommerce Appointment Booking Premium WordPress Plugin

WooCommerce Appointment Booking WordPress Plugins

Build your own appointments form using WooCommerce! Just install the WooCommerce Appointment Booking add-on to begin taking reservations, selling tickets, booking appointments and more. Just add your products or services, add your staff, use the plugin to enter bookable times (including blackout dates)and then wait for customers to book times.

This plugin also seamlessly integrates with Google Calendar and allows admins to export an appointments CSV (great for accounting records or HR scheduling). Plus it still maintains all of the great features of WooCommerce like simple or variable products, image galleries, easy search, helpful widgets and more.

Wrapping up the Best Appointment Booking WordPress Plugins

There’s no shortage of appointment booking WordPress plugins that will let you book an appointment via WordPress. There are so many, in fact, that the choice can easily be overwhelming. But hopefully, having a guide like this will prevent that from happening. Any other plugins I should know about? Anything you want to tell me about the ones listed above like your personal experiences? Leave a comment below!

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