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The IT industry is blooming with time and new companies are being launched every day. This means that the need for the professionals is also increasing with each day. However, it is seen that a huge number of these companies have a strict hiring process and only hire people who have the required certifications to show their skills.

One of the certifications that most of the IT companies demand is the Linux Professional certification. Linux has grown and become one of the most common software brands in the companies and individuals with Linux certifications are getting better job opportunities and what not.

In this article, we will be talking about the Linux Essentials Professional Development Certificate (PDC) and 010-160 exam which is held by Linux and how one can prepare for it.

What is the LPI Linux Essentials Certification?

Linux has become one of the most used certificates in the world and many private, as well as government companies, have been making use of it in their daily tasks. This is the reason that more and more people who know Linux and its basics are being required by the companies. People who are just starting their career should get the Linux certifications and the best of the Linux certification for the beginners is the Linux Essential Certification. This is also one of the stepping stones for the people who want to get other specialization certification from Linux. To get this certification, the candidates have to pass an exam and get the passing score.

What is LPI 010-160 Exam and its Previous LPI 010-150 Version?

010-160 exam is the test that candidates should pass if they want to be eligible for the LPI Linux Essentials Certifications. This is an easy primary level exam that can be passed if the candidates have the fundamental knowledge in the subject. Note, that the previous version of the exam is 010-150 (version 1.5) and it is available until the 1st of July 2019.

To know more details about 010-150 exam, visit LPI website.

Since 010-160 is a newer version, let’s focus on some other important information about this exam.

Exam type

The exam is a multiple choice questions exam. Each question will consist of 4 answers and the candidates will have to choose from them.

Exam Duration

The candidates will be given 60 minutes to solve all the questions. They will be given 40 questions in total that they need to solve within an hour time frame.


The registration is easy and the ticket can be bought at the official website. The price of the ticket is $110 USD, but it can vary from region to region because of the currency difference.


All candidates with the basic knowledge of Linux software’s are eligible to give this exam. There is no qualification required. The candidates have to be 18 years or older.

Languages Available

The exam is available in three different languages including English, Japanese and German. However, more languages are being launched in the coming time.

How to prepare for 010-160 exam?

LPI Linux Essentials Certification exam is a fundamental level exam, but this does not mean that it is easy. The question asked is pretty detailed and one needs thorough knowledge to score well. Here are some ways in which you can prepare for your exam.


The first way to study is the self-study which a lot of working individuals prefer. This is also the cheapest way you can prepare for your exam. Get the syllabus and by the related books that you will need to prepare. Now make a timetable and start studying in your own time. Make sure that you start as early as possible.

Online classes

If you want a little help but do not have the time to attend full-time classes, the online classes are the best for you. These will cost you some money, but you will be able to get all the information specially designed for you. You will be given notes and lectures and also some tests to check your progress.

One on one classes

If you want a better understanding of the topics, the one on one classes are another option that you can take. These on one class are taken by learned professionals who will be teaching you about every topic in detail which will help you build a strong base of knowledge.

Practice papers

The last and the most important preparation material and strategy are solving practice papers. You need to solve the practice papers on a regular basis. The practice papers are really helpful in determining the growth of the individual and help you check what places you are lacking. At the beginning of the preparation, make a habit of solving at least one practice paper a week and then go to one a day.
To get reliable practice test questions for your certification exam, browse website.

Some Important Tips

Here are some important tips that will help you with the better preparation of the exam and in scoring better.

  • Keep the syllabus in handy while preparing for the exam. Even if you know what you are studying and have the best study material, you should always keep checking your syllabus to see whether you are missing something important that might increase or decrease your score in the exam.
  • Keep track of the notifications on the website. Keep checking for the updates on the exam on the website after you have filled the form. Linux usually sends an email to the users before the exam, but in case you miss it, you should be well informed.
  • While writing your exam, solve all the questions you know first and then go for the questions that you are skeptic about. This will save you time and you will not miss out on the questions that you already know. There is no negative marking so make sure to attempt all the questions in the exam.

To sum up

People who are just starting out with their IT careers should go for the LPI Linux Essential Certification since this is the foundation certificate that will build your base for getting the higher level certificates in the years to come. This certificate is surely really helpful for the people in the IT industry and will bag them better jobs and salaries. Keep the above tips in mind and score your best in 010-160 exam.

This is a guest article by Darren Demers.

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