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Cloud computing is one of the most useful and easy-to-access technologies to store, process, and manage any types of data. Instead of storing your personal data on a PC hard drive, or keeping your business- and customer-sensitive data on the on-premise systems, you can utilize the power of the cloud – its agility, flexibility, scalability, and cost-efficiency – to safely and securely store it on third-party distributed servers offered by cloud vendors.

Cloud allows you to easily connect to public or private networks in order to offer dynamically scalable infrastructure for file storage, data management, and software development in the cloud.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is one of the world’s leading cloud platform vendors. AWS offers a wide range of built-in services and tools that enable both SMEs and corporate-level enterprises to migrate their infrastructure, data, and applications to the cloud.

AWS ensures that users’ data is protected in an agile manner. That being said, AWS manages foundation services and global infrastructure while users are responsible for customer data and client-side data encryption.

Given that, many cloud consulting service providers opt for AWS. To offer AWS-bound cloud consulting services, businesses need to get certified by AWS and receive an APN Consulting Partner status.

Benefits of AWS

Since more and more businesses choose to move to the AWS cloud, AWS consulting is very popular right now.
AWS solutions are easily scalable and can be empowered through a variety of built-in tools and services for data collection, storage, processing, analysis, and management.

AWS servers are spread across different geographical areas, which allows proxy caching to your nearest location, which offers high availability and improved performance.

Let’s now cut through the hype and figure out why small businesses and enterprises should opt to use Amazon Web Services:

Increased scalability

The ability to easily scale up or down your cloud solution is one of the strongest benefits of AWS.
If you do not know how much computing capacity your application may require, AWS comes to the rescue. At peak volumes, AWS cloud flexibly scales up to ensure your app’s performance, with no downtime. You do not have to pay for an excessive amount of computing capacity since AWS automatically scales down to meet the requirements of your app.

Businesses can rely on AWS auto-scaling that utilizes real-time metrics to determine their required scaling capacity and change it over time. In case of any issues, like network failure, AWS is fully equipped to support your websites, applications, and software.


AWS cloud solutions are very cost-efficient. Due to AWS’ agility and flexibility, you pay only for what you spend. The solution automatically scales up or down based on your app’s needs. Bear in mind that you should choose a certified AWS partner to develop a monthly cloud computing plan for you.


The top-notch security layer is a vital element of the AWS ecosystem. Its security layers can be manipulated in a variety of ways, which allows both individuals and businesses to meet their data requirements.

AWS Toolkit for Eclipse and Visual Basic

AWS Toolkit for Eclipse is a high-level, open-source, plug-in system that is designed for the Eclipse IDE. Its tools can help developers debug, develop, and deploy specific JAVA apps that are generally used with AWS.
There are also some specific tools for Visual Studio:

  • AWS SDK.
  • AWS Explorer.
  • SAM Blueprint and AWS Lambda JAVA.
  • AWS codecommit repository cloning.
  • AWS Lodestar.
  • Editor for AWS cloud formation.
  • Amazon Aurora.
  • AWS Cloudtrail.
  • Amazon EMR.
  • Amazon ECS.
  • Amazon Kinesis.
  • AWS Opswork.
  • System manager.
  • Service catalogue of AWS.

Amazon Web Services for Businesses

To adjust your business’ infrastructure, data, and software in order to migrate to the cloud, consider AWS consulting services that are generally offered by certified partners of the AWS network.
A certified AWS cloud consultancy can help your company build, manage, and migrate heavy workloads and applications.
They can also help your business with the following:

Designing AWS

Web hosting can easily turn into lots of hassle. To ensure the stability of your AWS infrastructure, it makes sense to hire a professional who is good at managing multiple web hosting settings that AWS sports. An expert consultant can guide you to choose the right design to manage your specific workload.

Building AWS

AWS supports all types of websites and applications. If you build your apps on the AWS platform, you ensure that they are safely stored and protected with regular backups. You also guarantee that it operates in an efficient, continuous manner.


AWS-certified consultancies offer both standardized and customized methods of migration of legacy systems. High security and high efficiency allow businesses to prioritize their own productivity without having to invest additional resources into IT. AWS partners are experienced in migrating their client’s applications and software without delays. Learn more about what certified AWS partners can do from the Squadex DevOps Consulting company.


Management is the most important part of any business. From a startup’s standpoint, AWS may be the best cloud platform, since it ensures that they enjoy high-quality support system and are free to reach out to AWS consulting partners to get the answers to their business challenges at any time. AWS cloud consulting service is a silver-bullet option to guarantee that your business will smoothly operate in the cloud.

This is a guest post by Diego Dertick.

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