9 Useful Ways to Utilize Popups on WordPress

With Elementor Pro 2.4, you get access to a powerful new tool:

The Popup Builder

Yes – you’ll now be able to build popups using the same Elementor interface and widgets that you’re already familiar with. Then, you can target and trigger those popups using a variety of conditions, like whether or not a user is logged in or whether they’ve scrolled to the bottom of the page.

To help give you some ideas for how to apply this new functionality to your own WordPress sites, we’ve collected 9 different examples of ways that you can use popups, covering everything from a simple announcement to an age gate, social share buttons, and lots more.

Let’s dive in so that you can be creating awesome popups in no time.

For all of these examples, I’ll use real popup templates from the Elementor Pro template library that you can import straight to your site and modify as needed.

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