12 Must-Hear WordPress Podcasts With Fresh Episodes for 2019

We’ve updated our list of must-hear WordPress podcasts for 2019. If you haven’t joined the podcast party yet, you’re missing out on intelligent and entertaining information from the brightest minds in WP.

But first, fun-fact. The name podcast was coined way back in 2004, by BBC journalist Ben Hammersley when he combined the words iPod and broadcast to create the gem that is podcast.

Here we are 15 years later, and podcasts are taking over while iPods have gone the way of their Microsoft Zune brethren.

We’re definitely mid-trend. It seems like everyone and their mother is starting a podcast now. But somehow if feels like I still can’t get enough. #bingelisten

In this post, we bring you an up-to-date list of the best WordPress podcasts for 2019 so you can keep your iPod full 😉

  • Farmer , CEO

    You know how I said everyone and their mother is starting a podcast? I should have said everyone and their brother >_<

    Hello, WP! is a podcast by WPMU DEV’s very own Micah Dailey and Josh Dailey. They dish on WordPress in a way that only two brothers can, following Micah on his journey as a WordPress newbie.

    It’s a nice break from the interview style podcasts that follows a highly produced This American Life journalistic vibe.

    Subscribe to Hello, WP! on iTunes, SpotifyStitcher, Google Podcasts or your favorite purveyor of fine podcasting.

    Some Recent Episodes:

  • Screenshot of WP the Podcast WordPress Podcast

    Podcasts are great to listen to when you’re doing other things, like getting ready to go to work or commuting. But if you work from home, like I do, then you’re probably not spending a lot of time on either of those things. Also, some podcasts are too long when you have the attention of a goldfish.

    That’s where WP the Podcast comes in. It’s a daily WordPress podcast hosted by David Blackmon and Tim Strifler. And the best part? Even though it is a daily show (it even airs on weekends), most episodes are short. Super short. 5 minutes short. David and Tim talk about a variety of WordPress topics in a nice quick succinct format that feels more like a blog post.

    If you want to hear the story of how Hello WP came about, listen to the two part interview on WP the Podcast with Micah and Josh Dailey.

    Some Recent Episodes:

  • Screenshot of Home Page for WP Tavern WordPress Podcast

    WP Tavern is one of the most trusted WordPress publications on the web. Every Wednesday at 3PM Eastern Time, they air their live video podcast WordPress Weekly.

    While other podcasts are released a few weeks after they’re recorded so they can be edited, WordPress Weekly is LIVE. It’s a longer podcast as a result, episodes are over an hour, but you’ll get the latest WordPress news without delay.

    In addition to WordPress news, WordPress Weekly also has special interviews.

    Some Recent Episodes:

  • Screenshot of Home Page for Bob WP eCommerce WordPress Podcast

    There’s a move to “productize” popular WordPress services. If you’re ready to jump on the bandwagon, Bob Dunn has two podcasts devoted to eCommerce.

    Do the Woo is focused on WooCommerce while BobWP WordPress eCommerce covers everything else related to eCommerce, monetization and WordPress.

    Bob has discussions on monetization, but also dives into UX design and content strategy. That way you can design a store tailored to your customers’ journey.

    Our very own James Farmer, CEO of WPMU DEV, was asked about the future of eCommerce in 2019 for the WordCamp episode. His response:

    I think you’re going see two main developments, specifically about immediacy, you know? People are starting to accept the fact that an order should be delivered in an hour, or two hours, or three hours. It’s becoming a norm.

    The second one is custom. As in, I mean we’re over here next to a jet pack store, you know they’re making unique items that people want to have that reflects who they are and what they are, rather than necessarily just buying into some generic kind of chain.

    I couldn’t agree more.

    Some Recent Episodes:

  • Screenshot of Home Page for The Matt Report WordPress Podcast

    The Matt Report began in 2012 and is now wrapping up its 8th season. That’s over 200 episodes!

    Matt Medeiros focuses on providing actionable advice for those building a business with WordPress. We’re talking big name freelancers, agency owners, WP product creators.

    If you’re working on growing your client base or coming up with new ways to bring in revenue, this is the podcast you’re looking for.

    Some Recent Episodes:

  • Screenshot of Home Page for Agency Trailblazer Podcast

    Running a web or design agency is a long-term commitment and it’s easy to fall into a miserable rut.

    The Agency Trailblazer, formerly WP Innovator, is a community and a podcast to give you the inspiration to fall in love with your agency again so you can make it for the long haul.

    With topics for agency leaders such as project management, lead generation and agency growth, you can work smarter not harder and scale back on those 18 hour days.

    Some Recent Episodes:

  • Screenshot of Home Page for WP Watercooler Podcast

    In the wild, most WordPress professionals are solitary creatures, working away alone in their home offices. But what are they like in a pack? WPwatercooler is your chance to find out.

    WPwatercooler brings a diverse group of WordPress pros together to have a lively and lighthearted conversation. There is a lot going on, but the podcast is quick, just 30 minutes.

    Jason Tucker leads a changing group, with some regulars to discuss how WordPress is changing business and our lives.

    WPwatercooler is recorded Friday at 11:00 am Pacific on YouTube Live.

    Some Recent Episodes:

  • Screenshot of How I Build It WordPress Podcast

    Fleshing out a whisper of an idea into a full-fledged product and then turning that product into a business is no easy feat. Every path is a little different.

    On How I Built It, Joe Casabona interviews product owners and developers to see how they built specific products.

    How I Built It is unique in that it examines how one person was able to bring their idea to life, from idea to execution. Hear the stories first hand from the people who built some incredible stuff and get in a making mood.

    Some Recent Episodes:

  • Screenshot of Home Page for WP Elevation WordPress Podcast

    Hosted by WordPress business specialist Troy Dean, WP Elevation interviews prominent WordPress entrepreneurs.

    How One WPMU DEV Member Built A Global Development Empire

    WP Elevate covers work/life balance, getting clients, growth, developing processes, recurring revenue and the tech you need to elevate your business.

    Some Recent Episodes:

  • Screenshot of Home Page for LMScast WordPress Podcast

    Want to be the next Codecademy or Lynda? One way to get started is by to share your own classes on WordPress using an LMS or Learning Management System.

    LMScast is a podcast to help you grow your online course so you can make an impact on your students.

    Host Chris Badgett interviews special guests on topics ranging from how to build your learning community to how to create better courses.

    Some Recent Episodes:

  • Screenshot of Home Page for Webmaster Radio.fm WordPress Podcast

    Before we were WordPress admins, we were webmasters. Before we were webmasters, we were pagemasters. No? Just me?

    WebmasterRadio.FM has been around since 2004 and is an online radio network. As a network, WebmasterRadio.FM has had hundreds of show hosts and thousands of guests, so you’re sure to find a whatever topic you’re interested in.

    One such show is Press This, produced by the team at WPEngine.

    Check out WPMU DEV’s Ronnie Burt on Press This where he talks about the evolving nature of WordPress plugins.

    Some Recent Episodes:


    This one, I am just excited about. It’s brand new, but Tom McFarlin is no stranger in the WordPress development space.

    In his new podcast, Tom will answer listener questions and talk about the various aspects of being a self-employed developer working with WordPress.

    We’ll get to listen and see how it develops but it should be both insightful and educational.

    Episode one now available!

Podcast Mic Drop

Bonus: Follow Woman in WP on Twitter and catch their first episode when it drops. Women in WP is a bi-monthly podcast about women who blog, design, develop, and market in the WordPress community. We’ll be updating our list with more information as it’s made available.

Interested in starting your own WordPress podcast? Give it a go! As you’ve seen from the list above, there’s so many podcast styles and WordPress niches. There’s really no wrong way to go about it, as long as you don’t try reading code out loud 🙂

And don’t forget to check out WPMU DEV’s Hello WP! Subscribe on iTunes, SpotifyStitcher, Google Podcasts or your favorite purveyor of fine podcasting.

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