11 Best Practices for High Converting Popups

Timing is an important topic for creating high converting popups. If one appears right after visitors enter your site, this can really interrupt their experience, especially if they didn’t even have a chance to look at your content yet. Practices like this are what have given popups a bad name

Usually, visitors sign up because they like what you have to offer and want more of it. However, if you don’t give them time to find out what that is, you are not gonna get very far.

To get the timing right and make sure your popups are relevant, here are a few things you can play around with:

Time until a popup appears

  • After how many pages a user will see it
  • Percentage of the page they need to scroll
  • Showing popups only when someone is about to leave the site
  • Offering them only on a specific page
  • Revealing them after a certain time of inactivity

You can control all of this and more under Conditions, Triggers and Advanced Rules inside the Elementor Publish Settings.

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