10 things you need to know before starting a blog

Do you like writing, producing content and dreaming of starting your own blog? Here you’ll discover some tips on how to launch media, to make it grow and become influential. Writing is good, but it’s even better if people read you.
You can have doubts: there are millions of blogs on the web. But finally, not many stand out against a crowd. These 10 basic tips will help you to distinguish yourself, and your content… and finally, to be better known.

1. Establish the editorial line

This is the most important point to define. An editorial line goes along with the theme given to a blog or a site and striven to follow, for example, a cooking blog, personal blog, high-tech news blog … this definition of the editorial line can go through the development of the articles’ categories. The latter will help you to sort your articles by theme avoiding scattering. Remember one rule: it is necessary to think of yourself, but also to think of the reader.

2. Find a blogging platform

Now we should think of the blogging platform for our new creative and interesting blog. The most popular is WordPress. Why? Because it is simple to install, to use, and to maintain. Besides, you can find a multitude of tutorials on how to install WordPress and to learn how to use it. Still, do not think that there is only WordPress to use. There are a dozen platforms, which have all their advantages and disadvantages. Tumblr is rather simple to install and to use. Google Blogger is also very good… anyway, it is up to you to decide which one to choose!

3. Create a graphic identity

The big advantage of this approach is that you will have more possibilities to customize your themes and your blog. You will be able to distinguish yourself from others. When someone says graphic identity, they mean all the things which will help you transmit your main idea (ex.: the motto, company’s name, logo etc.). For this aim two solutions are available. Either you put your heart in the creation of your personal brand, using a simple, fast, online logo maker as, for example, Logaster where you can make and then download a small sized logo for free (for bigger formats you need to pay) or any other tool, or you call a graphic designer. Anyway, it’s all about will and money.

4. Write your first articles

Before launching or uploading your blog – write a few articles (3 or 4) so that your first readers have some content to flip through. With varied themes for your first articles, you will have a better chance of reaching a wider audience.

5. Focus on quality, not on money

Creating a blog to make money is the worst idea in the world. Monetization should not be your primary motivation to create a blog, at least in the beginning. Focus on the quality and relevance of your content. If they are up to the expectations of your readers, your blog will be popular and you may be able to monetize.

6. Impose yourself as a real expert

Do you have a perfect command of your subject? Say it. Your articles should reflect your passion and knowledge of the blog’s specialization. Just show that you know what you’re talking about by delivering relevant and high-standard content.

So, be careful about the authenticity of your information. Internet users are uncompromising and do not respond well in case of failure. But, if you manage to impose yourself as a real expert, it’s one more credit for your blog.

7. Work on your natural referencing

To become known to search engines, you have to work on the SEO! To make it simple, it’s all the techniques that will make you appear in the search results. There is a huge amount of tutorials that will help you learn more about the subject. It is a constantly evolving science and we must always adapt to the new rules to be sure to score high in the results. Because on a page of search results (Google or others), the first results are the most clicked.

8. Social networks

SHARE, SHARE, SHARE… yes, it’s a little aggressive to say like that, but it’s the basis of any blog launch. Even later it’s going to be useful in promoting your articles if you want to get out of anonymity. To share your creations on the web, the easiest way is to use social networks. You can create a Facebook page devoted to your blog, create a board on Pinterest to share your images or use Buffer to schedule tweets on Twitter highlighting your works!

9. Publish content regularly

When someone writes a blog, nothing is granted! Especially the audience. So when you start blogging you have to publish content regularly. You must post high-standard content with a regular rhythm at the beginning. This is how you will get readers used to your presence on the web. They will come back if you show them that you are present.

10. Enjoy what you do!

You should not have a blog just because it’s cool to have a blog. If you have made the choice to open your own blog, it’s because you want to write and share your ideas. You should not have any constraints, on the contrary, if you maintain a blog, the most important thing is your pleasure!

This is a guest post by Natalia Shpitula.

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